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Aluminium Hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide or also known as aluminic acid, aluminic hydroxide, or hydrated alumina is a chemical compound with the formula of Al(OH)3. Aluminium hydroxide is a stable odorless and white crystalline powder at standard conditions and insoluble in water.

Aluminium hydroxide is found in nature in the form of minerals such as gibbsite, bayerite, doyleite, or nordstrandite. Due to aluminium hydroxide’s unique property called amphoterism (may react both as an acid or a base), aluminium hydroxide is capable to carry out many reactions undergone in industrial manufacturing, particularly as a feedstock or raw material of aluminium compounds manufacturing. Besides as a feedstock, aluminium hydroxide has fire retardant properties, thus is used as a fire retardant filler in many polymers. Aluminium hydroxide is also found in antacid as an active ingredient to relieve upset stomach by neutralizing stomach acidity mechanism. Tradeasia International as a global supplier of aluminium hydroxide provides you with aluminium hydroxide for your market solution. Get aluminium hydroxide in different grades, quantities, and packaging right now.